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p> I wanted to write to update you on my experience with the BPC 157 Wolverine Complex. I want to start with a recap of my medical background. I am 45 years old in October; in July of 2017 I was medically retired due to a partial knee replacement that did not have a good outcome. Since then I live in an almost constant state of pain. That coupled with my other knee being rebuilt, double ankle surgeries; mesh surgery to my stomach (x2); multiple broken bones and various other issues have made that pain worsen over time. Upon retiring I started to rebuild my lost muscle and began lifting heavy again. Although I have gain my muscle back (thanks to Pellets/ GHRP2 / GHRP 6) my pain only continued to get worse. I started the Wolverine Complex approximately a month ago; and have noted the following: -My day to day pain has decreased -My tendinitis (both biceps/elbows) has disappeared -The arthritis in my knees, ankles and feet has improved.



Treatment Location Available:

  • Overland Park,   KS   – Scheduling – 913-217-7244

The Midwest Pain Recovery Centers offer Non-Opioid, Non-Pharmaceutical, Non-Surgical  pathways to pain recovery.  We are able to provide treatment options without reliance on controlled narcotics/opioids for the control of pain.  We certainly realize that there are public health,  regulatory, ethical, and societal concerns regarding the continued use of controlled substances as first line treatment for acute and chronic pain.  We therefore provide and are committed to alternative strategies to achieve pain reduction and functional improvement.

Treatment Objectives
Our system of patient care involves assessing our clients from a holistic and comprehensive standpoint; this approach includes evaluations of metabolic, physiologic, hormonal, emotional, and physical functions so as to determine the extent to which these factors contribute to the perpetuation of painful conditions.  The focus is on non-narcotic treatment programs geared towards restoration of structure, optimization of nutrition, and balance of metabolic function. These programs are designed to facilitate reduction or resolution of pain resulting in return to function at or perhaps beyond the level prior to the onset of pain.

Our goal is to restore the balance between the body’s structural, metabolic, hormonal and immune functions; these functions are key to our patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  The standard use of traditional narcotic (and even non-narcotic) prescription medications is a significant impediment to this goal in many aspects, and over time possibly causes more harm than good.  We believe we have a better way!!!

Board Certified Doctors
Our physicians are Board Certified and bring diverse experience to the assessment and treatment of our patients.  We utilize the most advanced protocols to ensure that our patients receive unparalleled service and safe, effective treatment.  Our main objective is to provide each patient with a personalized health recovery program based upon specific medical conditions to maximize the efficacy of treatment. Our integrative health recovery programs are developed by top physicians using cutting edge science, which ensures that our patients have access to the latest advancements in non-narcotic treatment.  Furthermore, we take the time to listen to what our patients have to say.  The path to recovery is a team process!

Available Treatments

  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Homeopathic “Natural” Joint and Soft Tissue Pain Injections
  • Testosterone Therapy
  • GH Peptides (Sermorelin, GHRP2, GHRP6)
  • BPC 157 (Body Protection Compound)