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p> I wanted to write to update you on my experience with the BPC 157 Wolverine Complex. I want to start with a recap of my medical background. I am 45 years old in October; in July of 2017 I was medically retired due to a partial knee replacement that did not have a good outcome. Since then I live in an almost constant state of pain. That coupled with my other knee being rebuilt, double ankle surgeries; mesh surgery to my stomach (x2); multiple broken bones and various other issues have made that pain worsen over time. Upon retiring I started to rebuild my lost muscle and began lifting heavy again. Although I have gain my muscle back (thanks to Pellets/ GHRP2 / GHRP 6) my pain only continued to get worse. I started the Wolverine Complex approximately a month ago; and have noted the following: -My day to day pain has decreased -My tendinitis (both biceps/elbows) has disappeared -The arthritis in my knees, ankles and feet has improved.



How is the Process Started?
The first step is to Schedule an Appointment – either by submitting  your contact information by completing  an assessment (located on our Website or on our Facebook page), or by calling the office directly.  Once we have received your information, a member of our nursing team will review and then reach out to you for scheduling or to address any questions you may have.  Feel free to call our office for a Free Consultation at any time, we want you to be comfortable with the process and to have all of your questions answered.   (Leawood 913-808-5022, Lawrence 785-424-7601, Louisburg 913-837-3200).

Is there an Initial Cost?
We charge a DEPOSIT of $150 to set an Regenerative Office Visit with our Board Certified Medical Provider.  This deposit can be applied toward one of our many regenerative treatments (i.e. Stem Cells, PRP, Natural Pain Injections, HRT), or utilized towards a health and vitality product from the Midwest Hormone Centers (i.e. B12, Lipotropic Injections, Hormone Replacement, HCG, etc) usually located in the same office facility.

What Happens at the First Appointment?
Your first visit includes a review of your medical histories, medications, prior treatments, and available lab and radiology results followed by a brief physical exam. The provider will then spend the remainder of the visit discussing your symptoms and understanding their severity and impact on your life. The provider will discuss treatment options and set reasonable expectations for treatment. These visits often take over an hour to complete so please schedule accordingly.

Do the Midwest Pain Recovery Centers Accept Insurance?
Our offices do not bill to insurance. Most of our treatments are natural, biologic, and non-pharmaceutical; therefore they are not regulated by the FDA. While safe and effective, without FDA approval these treatments are typically not covered by health insurance plans. If you have insurance that covers any portion of our treatments or medications, we can provide you a itemized receipt that includes the appropriate Diagnosis and Treatment Codes. This receipt will allow self-filing to insurance following the process described by the specific plan.

What are the Payment Options?
We accept Health Savings Accounts/Flex Spending Accounts, cash, checks, and credit cards.

Is Financing Available? – Yes, our facilities are approved for use of the Advance Care Card.  Advance Care can be directly contacted by calling 1-800-432-9470.
Advance Care Card - Apply Today!

  • How do I apply?  To receive the fastest turn around time on your application, you may apply on-line. The entire process is usually completed in 5-10 minutes.
  • What are the minimum requirements?  You must be at least 18 years of age, must not have filed for bankruptcy in the last 5 years and not have been sent to collections in the previous 3 years. Your monthly income must be at least $1,500. These are the minimum requirements for approval with Advance Care. If you do not meet these minimal requirements you may wish to consider utilizing a co-signer.
  • What is the maximum amount I can be approved for?  You can be approved for $25,000 or more with excellent credit.
  • What will my interest rate be after the initial interest free period?  Your interest rate and terms are based on your own individual credit history as well as your current financial situation. The better your credit, the better interest rate and terms you are likely to receive.
  • Are there any pre-payment penalties?  No. As long as you make your minimum monthly payments as required, you can pay your balance off at your own pace. You may pay the balance as quickly as you like or take as long as necessary.
  • Can I use my card for other people in my family or just myself?  Once you are approved you may choose to use your card for other members of your family.